[iOS] Yamera (Manual Camera)

[iOS] Yamera (Manual Camera)

Download [iOS] Yamera (Manual Camera)

* Custom exposure for your iPhone/iPad Camera

Best Download iOS Photo Apps Yamera (Manual Camera)
Best Download iOS Photo Apps Yamera (Manual Camera)

* Full independent control of Focus, Exposure and White Balance


Yamera – Full Manual Camera


* Yamera is a powerful camera app with full control over your image.

* Quickly and simply adjust all parameters of your image.

* No more tapping and hoping automatic can understand what you want.

【Full Manual Control】

* Shutter


* White Balance

* Focus

* Exposure Compensation

* Gray Card : Place a gray card in the center of the screen (more that 50% size). It will automatically adjust White Balance parameters.

【Photo Camera Features】

* Auto/Manual control of Focus/Exposure/WhiteBalance

* Timer Shot

* Digital zoom (6x)

* Stabilization

* Date Stamp

* EXIF metadata

* GeoTag

* Flash (On/Off/Auto)

* Front-camera mirroring

【Video Camera Features】

* 4K video recording

* Slo-mo video recording

* Take a photo while recording a video

* Auto/Manual control of Focus/Exposure/WhiteBalance

* Digital zoom (6x)

* Stabilization

* Max frame-rate recording

* App Library (see the below)


* URL Scheme = Yamera://

【App Library】

* In any situation, your photo/video is safe.

* If something goes wrong, the photo/video is automatically saved into ‘App Library’.

* One of the following reasons can cause an error.

– First, the app cannot access Photos. In this case, please go to Settings -> Choose the app -> Grant Photos access rights.

– Second, there is no enough disk space. Please check the space.

【App Library – How to Use】

* You can extract files stored in App Library. Please follow the below steps.

[1] Connect your iPhone/iPad to PC via USB cable.

[2] Run iTunes.

[3] Select iPhone/iPad on the menu.

[4] Select Application on the menu.

[5] Select the app on the bottom menu.

[6] Files will be displayed on the right-side. Please copy the files to your PC.

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