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[iOS] VBooster

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VBooster is the app for changing playback speed and saving to your camera roll.

Best Download iOS Photo Apps VBooster
Best Download iOS Photo Apps VBooster

[Simple Mode]

Simple Mode is for change playback speed of entire a video easily.

— Playback speed —

You can change playback speed from x0.1 to x10.0 by 0.1 steps.

— Sound types —

You can choose 3 types of sounds.

1. Change pitch by speed

2. Keep pitch type A

3. Keep pitch type B

— Music —

You can add songs as Background music.

— Music speed —

You can choose 2 types of speed.

1. Up to a speed of the video

2. Original speed

Q.Witch types are better ” Keep pitch type A” or “B”?

A. It depends on the sound of the video. So please try both to find the ​better one.

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