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[iOS] Ultralight – Photo Editor

Download [iOS] Ultralight – Photo Editor

Outstanding photo editing for your favorite moments.

Best Download iOS Photo Apps Ultralight - Photo Editor
Best Download iOS Photo Apps Ultralight – Photo Editor

Ultralight offers wide and powerful control for both photo and video editing. Suits amateurs and professionals alike.

Main features:

• Capable of editing both photos and videos.

• Ultralight is easy to use and understand.

• Full screen editing.

• High quality filters and customisable filter presets.

• Create and save your own custom presets.

• Creative and intuitive editing tools.

• Real-time preview. See the effects real-time while editing.

• Non-destructive editing and automatic saving. Continue or revert your changes later.

• Undo and redo. Easily step back and forth to compare your adjustments.

• No importing needed. Your photo and video collection is directly available.

Tools for photo and video editing:

• Curves & RGB Curves*

• Saturation & Temperature

• Split toning

• Hue, saturation and luminosity color controls

• Clarity, sharpen, emphasize and noise controls

• Vignette

• Texture overlays*

• Selectively mask and edit a specific area. Including: highlights and shadows, background blur, smoothen skin, whiten teeth and double exposure.*

• Crop and perspective correction

• Cinemagraph tool

* Ultralight Pro is available as an in-app purchase.

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