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[iOS] Squaready for Video

Download [iOS] Squaready for Video

“Squaready for Video” allows you to post entire videos on Instagram without Square cropping.

Best Download iOS Photo Apps Squaready for Video
Best Download iOS Photo Apps Squaready for Video

In addition, the latest version 2.0 supports creation of Live Wallpaper (Animated Wallpaper) to be set for iPhone lock screen. You can easily create a wallpaper specific to your model, taking into account the screen size and the Clock position. Even if your device does not support 3D Touch, you can make a still wallpaper. From now on, please enjoy and use “Squaready for Video” by all means besides for Instagram.


‣ Make a rectangle video into square shape Insta-size by adding white margins.

‣ Crop the video to a square shape by scaling freely with pinch operation.

‣ Step-zoom function that can automatically set to a specific aspect ratio by simple tapping (+) or (-)

‣ Video Rotation (every 90 degrees) .


‣ Can load “Live Photos” video part.

‣ Can quickly and precisely set the starting point of the conversion.

‣ Also can trim the video by setting Start/End points. (up to 5 min)

‣ Real-time high-speed processing that can specify editing points quickly.

‣ Jog function that can accurately search editing point in a unit of 1 frame.


‣ Save as standard video format

‣ It can be export as high quality as possible for each model. It supports up to Full HD (1080p) in standard, maximum 4K (2160p) in latest high power models.

‣ Save as a squared Live Photos (key photo changeable)

‣ Save as a squared photo (still image)


‣ You can change the background color and border type

‣ Blurred background video

‣ Can apply TONE (color) filter matched to border color

‣ TONE (color) filter can be applied to blurred background


‣ Can add your favorite music

‣ It contains some royalty-free music

‣ Possible to mute only the video sound


‣ Can create Live or Still Wallpaper images that has been correctly aligned for each iPhone model

‣ Can create a animated wallpaper (Live Wallpaper)

‣ Ability to accurately align when setting wallpaper with iOS standard Photo app or Settings app

‣ Adjusting function to prevent edge-losting due to enlarged display while 3D Touch

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