[iOS] MVBit-Video Editor&Video Maker

[iOS] MVBit-Video Editor&Video Maker

Download [iOS] MVBit-Video Editor&Video Maker

MVBit is a supreme short video editing tool.

Everyone could make the amazing lit videos beyond imagination.

Best Download iOS Photo Apps MVBit-Video Editor&Video Maker
Best Download iOS Photo Apps MVBit-Video Editor&Video Maker

Check it!

l Personalized Camera Tools

l Various Graffiti

Helping you to express better meaning of your emotion to videos

l Text Effect

Add personalized text and empower the text with lively special effect

l Import Video

Import multi videos to edit from local album

Oops, forget to tell you our new awesome function. We are exciting to see so many amazing videos from biu creators so we think all of you deserved to let more people see your hyper videos!

Big Move! 

l More people will watch your videos from home page.

l Better post way and auto save your videos to your phone album.

l Like and comment will enlarge your Biu world.

One more time, Biustars will be closer to you, download it and start to make it happen! 

Should you encounter any technical problem during using Biu app, please email us at [email protected]

If you are interested in joining Biu community or want to share your funny videos, please search “Biuspace-Hyper Music Video Community” in Facebook. Let’s make some MVBit!

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