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[iOS] Funny Movie Maker – FMM

Download [iOS] Funny Movie Maker – FMM

Instantly create hilarious movies to share with friends. Choose any face — photos of friends, celebrities, politicians or yourself — and record videos replacing their mouth (or entire face) with yours. Adjust the pitch of your voice and add music to complete your movie. Make any picture talk and share the laughs with friends.

Best Download iOS Photo Apps Funny Movie Maker - FMM
Best Download iOS Photo Apps Funny Movie Maker – FMM


• Make your pets talk

• Make your friends’ Facebook pictures talk

• Make celebrities sing or say funny things

• Post funny product reviews

• Make fun of politicians and celebrities

• Lip-sync your favorite song

• Make your presentations original

• Make your body parts talk

• Put your lips on toys and dolls

• Put your face on TV

• Create hilarious holiday greetings

• Make a funny series on YouTube


• Fun, fast and easy to use

• Use any photo: Your pix or from the web

• Take new pictures with the built-in camera

• Purchase hilarious Funny Faces templates

• Use photos of people, animals or objects

• Change your voice for hysterical results

• Add music from your library

• Customize lip and face shape, size and blend

• Instantly preview to get your movie just right

• Save your faces to make more movies

• Save movies to your photo library

• Share videos on YouTube, Facebook or in email


Step 1: Choose a face… Any face!

Step 2: Cut out the mouth (or face) and add music and voice effects.

Step 3: Record your movie and share the laughs with friends.

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